Jewelry Care

With proper care, my jewelry is designed to last.  Please remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, sweaty activities and especially before entering a hot tub as the chemicals and moisture encountered in these activities or locations can damage your jewelry. 

Removing rings before engaging in activities that involve lifting heavy object or while working out will help keep them in their proper shape. 

Removing rings before working with your hands or gardening will help keep dents and scratches at bay. 

Cleaning solvents, chemicals, and beauty products can affect the finish on your jewelry so removing jewelry and limiting the exposure to these will help keep your pieces looking their best.  

A soft toothbrush, mild dish soap and warm water can be used to give your jewelry a cleaning. 


Many of my pieces use a surface patina to darken the silver, this can wear off or burnish over time in places it rubs against other objects. Some people enjoy the history and antiquing look it brings to their pieces.  Limiting rubbing against other objects or jewelry will help delay the amount of patina removal that occurs, should you want a fresh patina applied to your jewelry please contact me.  Do not use a polishing cloth on pieces with a patina as it will remove it.

Matte/Shiny Finishes:

A matte finish can become burnished or shiny over time but can be restore by gently rubbing with a fine steel wool or 3M pad, both can be found at hardware stores (do not use on pieces with a patina).

A shiny finish that has become dull can be restored with a polishing cloth (do not use on pieces with a patina). A polishing cloth will help remove any tarnish also. 


Jewelry is best stored in a dry and dust free location. Storing your piece in a pouch or box and insuring it cannot rub/scratch on itself or other pieces is best.


I can refinish some scratches and dents out of a piece, please contact me for a quote. 


If your piece needs a repair or resizing, please contact me for a quote and we can come up with the best solution for your needs.

Other Questions:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on caring for one of your Amalia Moon Jewelry pieces.